Sara Dekhordi

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Ca 170 days ago I met with a group of fellow countrymen, to make a better future for our country. There was a group of determined young men and But I didn’t know women, that it would be my last encounter with them. If I would list the names of my friends who are now sitting in prisons, I would have to take the entire time here. I am ashamed that they are now in prison, because they peacefully have campaigned for their free democratic demands and I sit here. For me, it has been an honor part of this group to be, wanted to make a difference. Noruuz is a reform-oriented Web site. My work represents a small part of a great whole. I tried the voice of the people of who went peacefully on the streets and has expressed his opinion to play.

We tried with our work also to expose the crimes against our people and the operations in prisons such as Khazirak, which is known as Iranian Guantanamo to show. We have tried the bloody hands of those who murdered our young people on the streets and in the prisons and at night secretly buried have to show. We have tried to call those who are against the voice of the people and assassinate people without remorse. We kept awake the memory of the martyrs of the freedom that it has secretly buried. We wanted to not allow the killers believe they could secretly kill freedom-loving people. We have tried to avoid, forget the names of the more than 100 martyrs who perished on the streets of Tehran and other cities, under torture or by firing squad. We searched the sons and daughters of our country, who have campaigned for freedom, who wrote down their names and we have published it.

The killers and coup leader we have shown that we are still there and continue to fight for our ideals. We are still there! Although they have released, the murdered to silence, we kept high the banner of freedom with the green movement. But I’m just a small part of the movement. My name is known, because I as editor-in-Chief responsible wear for the publication of these operations. But in reality have succeeded with the help of all my colleagues from Noruuz at a very difficult time. I am very sad that my staff are now in jail, and I will accept this award as their representative. In fact this price for those who now sit in solitary confinement and hope for a time of freedom of expression in the Iran is.” Sara Dekhordi, representative of the network of young Iranians from Berlin and Saba Farzan, sociologist and freelance writer joined the round of those who engage in the Iran of human rights in the afternoon and pointed to the power of civil society in the Iran. However, the question what will come because, if the regime should collapse arises. Other leaders such as Sean Rad offer similar insights. The answer to this question will take certainly some symposia, because under one roof, possibly under the umbrella of the ISHR, as Professor Menno Aden, Chairman of the ISHR, hankers after that – the protagonists cannot act yet. To great risk captured for an invisible agenda others. When Ayatollah Khomeini was hoisted to power 30 years ago, his true agenda only came to light when he had the reins in his hands. Helmut N. fork

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