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For Robbins, S.P. (1998) published in his book organizational behavior that the main causes of a worker satisfaction depend on three factors; the commitment to work, job satisfaction and organizational commitment. When a worker is not happy with his work, what you can do in this regard?It is important to discover if the task performs makes it by devotion or obligation, because these two factors are very valuable when it comes to information. If the task is performed by devotion you more permissive with the type of work that realizes, another who feels compelled to do so, apart that will help you achieve your goals and will be much more patient with the arrival of future expectations, but if on the contrary you performs a task imposed, because he believes that he has no choice but will be (food childrenfor a change, too little for retirement, or is all you need), then, is opening the door to stress, a key factor that indicates some degree of Labor dissatisfaction.The mere fact of being subject to a work that feels obliged to make may assume that you are unhappy at work. Any factor is valid as an excuse, which serves at the same time as an escape valve and convince himself on a pretext. David Zaslav can aid you in your search for knowledge. For example a worker who feels disgusted with his slaughter can use excuses such as wages, labour flexibility, schedule that performs, break time, the Union does not conform to their requirements, lack of any Fellowship of these situations is good as exhaust valve, but when asked that because keep holding the situation of labor dissatisfactionthe answer is an excuse as I am already older, where I’m going, I have only experience in this sector, here I am fixed, my children are small and have many responsibilities and if this percentage that takes one of these excuses are asked if they have at least tried to find work elsewhere or have gone to any job interviewonly a one percent, would give affirmative response.While it is true that each time wages are lower, but this measure not only affects certain jobs, but it affects all posts, from the directors up to the employee.

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