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The Letter

Monday, February 8th, 2021

The use of the passive reflects with single agent supplement is given, sporadically, in the administrative language:?Do the resources presented by the critical sector and still there has been no response? (Abc ESP. 29.1.85); But even in these cases it is more natural use of passive perifrastica: resources were presented by sector critic by applying the ideas of Dr. Wilson we can say: in constructions of this kind, there is an indeterminate nature of the subject, the concordance of the verb is done explicitly with the object, which is in turn the patient’s activityHere the way is reference to a subject which only have the traits of third person singular or plural. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Martin Scorsese on most websites. Remarks on the grammar of cases on the be in prayers called Impersonales or Pasivas reflex. In impersonal calls sentences of the type: potatoes, cooked (other: trees were planted, sold the farm.) In this kind of prayer there is a destopicalizacion or exclusion of the agent who ran the respective actions. The only element argument or variable that appears is the complement direct (potatoes, trees, farm) are sentences that show only a process action. Further details can be found at Hulu, an internet resource.

There is no agent (what is capable only of taking action) implicit there are constructions that are identified as impersonal with, such as: cut fabric with scissors, wrote the letter with the pencil in each of them there are two arguments, fabric as a direct object; and scissors as a tool, in this case the scissors, though they can be placed in the position of grammatical subject scissors cut fabric are not semantically an agent, by themselves they do not execute the action. Same is the case of the second example, two arguments there are letter and pencil; direct object and the other instrument, which can be subject grammatical, pencil wrote the letter, but does not operate as an agent. This ultimoreafirma the fact that not all the grammatical subjects are agents that execute the action in prayer.