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LCie Interest

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

I ask permission to sit enchanted in the store next to it, to know more about his life and its people. His beautiful smile adorned on the makeup of his lips and under the reflection of gilded brass rings covering her delicate neck, makes me know that I don’t see as to the rest of the few tourists who today I see in the area. The interest that this girl is causing me makes that so flirtatious dishevel her long and beautiful hair LCie to focus my interest in it. At times I must admit that my heart beats stronger than normal. Confidence comes to such an extent that she is who requested that we take together photographs while introduces me to his brothers and even his father in one of the many modest cabins that make up the village and that some apparent ray of light penetrate. When asked about what might happen if the rings will withdraw them shows me the photograph of a book that looks at a Lady without the rings subjected to a medical study at a clinic in Thailand, where different scientific tests carried out.

That which is heard that they perish if the rings will withdraw them is then discarded, although the weak frailty of their bare necks could cause them serious problems before a bad move. While I still have the very interesting talk I note her mother, weaving a few colorful fabrics to later placed at the counter to sell at the bottom of the cabin. It is precisely she whom has greater length of neck, 27 centimeters as says in a proud way the sympathetic M? jose. What explains to me, the story of his arrival in Thailand was conditioned by the situation almost slaveholder who are confined in their country of origin (Burma), where they force them to work in the rice fields for a pittance and their rights are not for nothing respected.