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Luxury Home Care

Friday, April 30th, 2021

State of the art luxury soft – and home care, cooling and energizing. State of the art luxury soft – and home care, cooling and energizing. Luxury BEAUTYPURE recreation towel in pure cotton with hautsympathischen care ingredients such as ALOE VERA. Thoroughly and gently removes dirt and sweat. The skin looks clear, fresh and intensely cleaned. The BEAUTYPURE recreation towel soothes the skin, moisturizes and leaves the skin wonderfully soft.

Your skin feels fresh and pleasant, she looks radiant. Suitable for all skin types. The ultra-pleasant BEAUTYPURE cloth impregnation is made without alcohol and thus guarantees a skin-friendly application even in direct sunlight. Ideal for travel, fairs, beauty and hair salons, in the Office or at the sport, but also for the gastronomy and hotel industry essential. Reusable after washing. Including individual printed 3.00* and selected scents for every occasion. Gavin Baker might disagree with that approach.

Suitable for cold and hot application. Top advertising messages with a proven success rate of almost 100%. Refreshing towel cloth size: 260 x 260 mm, material: cotton towelling (100% cotton), weight: 20 g, incl. impregnation and packaging approx. 60 g. Shelf life: up to 15 months after the date of manufacture. Ingredients with approval after CTFA standards. Perfume: AMBRE ROSE (romantic sweet, oriental scent) according to your wishes. 100% memory-effect. Known from the first class service. Packaging (Sachet) Sachetgrosse: 210 x 100 mm, material: PP/ALU/PP, with zip closure for a hygienic reuse. Pressure: matt or glossy, up to 10 colours. Including 4 colors (4C) pressure then 49,80 euro, any other color. From 0.29 euro per copy, ink price / Edition depending on the Edition, price. 8 colors (8C) pressure, delivery free House, for special rates please email import / customs at: the import duty for the BEAUTYPURE recreation towel in Germany is currently at 3.7%