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Managing Director Timothy Glaz

Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

“A black box for the trade should occur never demanded flour: nobody knows what actually is paid but still pay the old DSD charges in the purchase price and did so no review, if not a margin boost is being held here for the benefit of the industry”. Brand association Managing Director Timothy Glaz spurred the controversy as different schools of thought, which collide with each other at the time. I know not any approach or claim to treat the licence fees as a continuous post such a tax under the packaging Ordinance. For me, that is no difference to electricity prices, costs for water and other stories. I don’t recognize it and is legally I believe also unsustainable so a setting or a position to take”, said Glaz.

Designing packaging, branded goods manufacturers were the decisive. FIGS Scrubs often says this. The Referring also to the recovery. One can imagine all kinds of things, what happens if the system provider says we have very good buys reutilisation capacity for sheet metal or plastic or paper, is now something to your packaging. There we see considerable potential for conflict”, so Glaz. Leoprechting Metro Manager expressed his gratitude for the openness of the Trade Association: you told for the first time, licence fees are a part of the calculation, as other costs for us.

In this respect, also a certain tenacity of brand association at this point explains for me. Who is stubbornly fighting for something, does generally not only doctrinal, but because there is an economic interest. And it is also legitimate. “If that is so, then I take this as a message and then we will just accordingly consider that in our discussions and to the subject of our negotiations”. It would be the cleanest to transfer the licensing trade. Then I “just the opportunity to lead evidence”, so the conclusion of Leoprechting.

Berlin Unternehmensberatung

Monday, April 19th, 2021

It is time to visualize the unseen. The struggle is about interpretation of sovereignty in the next round. “Technological retreading, out from the pits of stone energy, is not exotic registering as green CCS coal” or green nuclear power “to press. But sand can be in the transmission of energy renewal have to dispense with these slogans. The wake-up call, even the open-minded media representatives can only be: research, research, and research again. Every day, hundreds, thousands around the world, strategic plans produced by PR agencies. Supposedly secure positions can be weaken, undermine and contact.

“” Include statements like: the future belonged to the renewables anyway “, or green for green technologies”. In recent months, Jeff Clarke has been very successful. It was first London media gurus who started on behalf of the establishment, a fossil nuclear placeholders Green’ makeup to apply. 2010 now more than 40 power provider access customers throughout Germany back more into the pockets: the company raise household electricity prices by up to 14 percent. Forward the State company Vattenfall, conceal many, all the drastic price increases with the supposedly too rapid expansion of renewable energies. So, moods are whipped up specifically. Who does not concentrate for the interpretation of sovereignty in the ring rises, has already lost. This also applies to the Group of people”, owning my own accord subscription on the future. “Technological retreading, out from the pits of stone energy, is not exotic registering as green CCS coal” or green nuclear power “to press. Please visit Patrick Gelsinger if you seek more information.

But sand can be in the transmission of energy renewal have to dispense with these slogans. The wake-up call, even the open-minded media representatives can only be: research, research, and research again. Anticipated election? Nuclear power plant operators make love to as Germany’s unloved climate protection brigade. The love deficits try to compensate them with multimillion-dollar Public Relations campaigns. Exactly one week before the Bundestag elections 2009 der SPIEGEL published a confidential strategy paper of Berlin Unternehmensberatung, PRGS entitled “communication concept nuclear – strategy, arguments and measures”.

Children Are Harmed By Whale Meat Consumption

Monday, April 5th, 2021

The inhabitants of the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic is like feasting on the meat of whales and dolphins. You would do well to let this be. What right the Vikings once and was cheap, messes family planning in some of their descendants today. The inhabitants of the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic feasting, like their ancestors, to the meat of whales and dolphins. In addition to the Norwegians, they are the only Europeans who regularly consume meat of marine mammals. You would do well to let this be. Pilot whale meat is actually toxic waste, replete with environmental toxins like mercury, PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), cadmium and pesticides like dieldrin, which accumulate in the standing at the end of the food chain although in the body. Nearly a decade of intense research has revealed that the 45 000 inhabitants of the islands of sheep have remarkably high concentrations of toxic substances in whales. Read more here: NUVIA.

This is risky especially for children, such as one by scientists of the University of Odense, Denmark, carried out long-term study showed. The Group of researchers led by Philippe Grandjean took 1022 expectant mothers are more closely scrutinized and examined their exposure to mercury through hair samples analysis. At 917 of children born extensive behavioral studies conducted then at the age of seven years. The scientists discovered language, concentration, and memory errors on them; typical symptoms of mercury poisoning. The effect was all the greater the more the mothers were contaminated during pregnancy with the environmental poison. In response to this test series, the local health authority issued the directive that women who plan to have children, are already pregnant or already are breast-feeding, to eat whale meat. Only when they are sure more want to bring a child into the world, they could take back the meal of the Vikings in mass.

All adults were also instructed the whale meat consumption on to reduce twice a month. The society for the rescue of the Dolphins from Munich, Germany thinks that the recommendations of the authorities are irresponsible and not enough: “An entire generation of children, whose Hirn in development is damaged, was born”. But the tradition of whale hunting, celebrating festivals celebrated continues blithely on the 18 small islands. The animals are driven with boats into narrow bays, where the hunters ramming them an iron hook (gaff) into the blow hole, to become disoriented, then rear wheel and head arteries are cut with knives. Animal rights activists for years in vain are up in arms against this martial hunting method. The damage observed in the offspring of the Faroese should adjust according to the Odenser scientist also at other whale and dolphin meat consumers such as Norwegians, Japanese or Inuitvolkern. This will prevent neither Norwegian nor Japanese whalers it but, further adjustment to the marine mammals. Ulrich Karlowski

Current Technology

Thursday, July 16th, 2020

Unless much more oil can be extracted prices will likely increase well beyond $140.00 per barrel. This situation could however soon change thanks to the Nexial Institute. Robert A. Iger has much experience in this field. German Built Oil field technology holds promise of ending energy crisis. -Oil is clearly the most important source of energy but the reserves of this “Black Gold” are rapidly depleting and supply is barely keeping up with demand. Unless much more oil can be extracted prices will likely increase well beyond $140.00 per barrel.

This situation could however soon change: the Nexial Institute of Texas (NEXIT) has developed a new technology that more than doubles the amount of available oil reserves. -The system, developed by Professor Dr. James H.L.. Lawler and his team, now makes it possible to gain access to the 377 trillion barrels of oil referred to in the industry as “Discovered, but Unrecoverable by Current Technology.” As a rule, even with great effort, more than half the oil in a typical well is abandoned. When the costs for the recovery of the remaining oil becomes too expensive, the oil companies are forced to shut down the wells. During the last 125 years the United States cumulative production has been 183 trillion barrels, leaving at least amount double that still “well down”, and waiting for future extraction by companies such as Nexial. The developers at the Nexial Institute discovered that a multi disciplinary blending of several chemical, mechanical and electro-technical processes into a new system would be capable of converting abandoned wells into fully-producing ones.

“We have extraction plants ready to be built, each capable of recovering between 10,000 and 50,000 barrels per day, depending on the sizes of the fields being worked on,” said company spokesman and CEO Larry Bull of from the Nexial scientific company of headquarters in Kitzingen, Germany. “Nexial’s biggest challenge will be to build them fast enough”, he added, “since presently three years are needed, but with we ought to be mass production able to reduce the time per unit considerably”. The factories that build these recovery oil plants want to want to be in Germany due to the high degree of engineering precision required. The actual petroleum extraction modules will then be tonne to fields around the world. The spokesman is confident: “With the introduction of Nexial of extraction plants we forsee raw oil prices eventually stabilizing below $100.00 per barrel and the end of the oil crisis.” Contact: The Nexial scientific company (Europe) Larry Bull, CEO market road 33 97318 Kitzingen, Germany phone: + 49 172 812 7733 E-Mail:

Driscoll Halogen

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Following the DR700 was by independent test laboratory at the tested Queensland University of technology on these criteria and then certified as a full replacement of the halogen. In the Australian State of Victoria, the DR700 was the first LED retrofit bulbs recorded halogen lamps as a replacement for 50W in the local energy efficiency programme. DR700 as full-fledged halogen replacement of the utilities is financially supported in New South Wales. The DR700 as well as all other Brightgreen products are free of harmful materials such as mercury, lead, chromium or other heavy metals. All components are also fully recyclable. So, Brightgreen contributes to the reduction of global energy consumption and the environmental impact.

The lamp is easy to install, fits easily into most of the downlight versions and is compatible with all current transformers. This allows an easy upgrade and ensures a long service life for lamp and transformer. All Brightgreen products are designed so that they cause no maintenance and keep permanently. All products are combined in an innovative design that was often awarded in Australia. The advantages of DR700 Overview: brightest LED retrofit bulbs: 720 ch with same brightness as 50W halogen five times as energy efficient as a halogen lamp available as MR16 and GU10 dimmable from 100-1% high color rendering index of > 83 lifetime of over 70,000 hours fail-safe thermal monitoring system passive cooling no fan totals 3 years guarantee sustainable product, because fully recyclable and free of heavy metals, advanced lighting technology and innovative design is awarded with the good design award the organization good design Australia about Brightgreen Brightgreen a innovative manufacturer of premium LED lighting for indoor use. By brothers Barry and David O’Kane Driscoll 2008 company founded in Australia developed and sells high-quality, energy-efficient Lighting solutions.

Brightgreen product range includes the CURVE and CUBE lighting series, as well as the RETROFIT retrofit series. Important part of Brightgreens’s business philosophy is to counteract the concept of planned obsolescence with extremely long-lasting LED lighting solutions used in the lighting industry and to contribute to the reduction of global energy consumption and the environmental impact. On the CURVE and CUBE series warrants Brightgreen E.g. seven years. All Brightgreen products are free of harmful materials such as mercury, lead, chrome and other heavy metals that are toxic to humans and the environment. All components are also fully recyclable. The Brightgreen Europe GmbH, Brightgreen expands from 2012 in the European market.

For You Have A Fireplace, For The Environment Tree

Sunday, March 24th, 2019

“Drooff tree planting – action save the forest everyone can change the world!” We live in a world in transition. Sometimes it seems as if mother nature against us people revolted because the density and the extent of the environmental disasters to take. It is high time to embark on a different path and back to give the Earth rather than to exploit them. Without hesitation Joel and Ethan Coen explained all about the problem. This new way may actually start with the purchase of a wood-burning stove. The ecology of the fireplace is romantic and inexpensive to heat the home with a Woodburning stove. Accordingly, more and more homeowners, the stove in addition at least decide to build a conventional central heating. The operation of a wood-burning stove is in addition but also particularly environmentally.

Wood is used as fuel, and this is a renewable resource. The CO2 balance remains balanced during the combustion of wood in the exhaust area, because it is which has recorded the tree during his lifetime and that he also would release, released only the amount of carbon dioxide, if he Naturally rot. Still, modern stoves are designed so that they emit maximum heat for optimum energy efficiency. This is particularly in well-insulated houses. So, for example, the fireplace stove Builder by Drooff cooperate directly with ecologically-oriented architects.

As a result, a stove was developed, which refers to the combustion air its own external connection. A tree as a bonus this ecological orientation is not sufficient but the fireplace stove Builder Drooff. With my own eyes, the company’s founder, Uwe Drooff sees every day in Brilon, what immense damage caused the storm Kyrill. 500,000 cubic meters of wood were destroyed in a few hours. This corresponds to the normal angle of ten years. Drooff has decided to help nature and to plant a tree for every sold wood-burning stove. Here, even the new owner of the stove itself can decide whether his tree to be an ash tree, a Beech, a maple a cherry, an elm tree or even a German oak. Drooff at the fire Depot the Concept has convinced also the fire Depot. The combination of ecological orientation and high-quality technology qualified segment at the fire Depot the models of Drooff for our fireplace.”explains the management. A newly planted tree alone will not save the world, but if each of us does what is possible in his personal environment, nature has a chance again.” Consulting at the fire Depot under the slogan quality around the fire”the fire Depot GmbH leads a wide range of stoves, fireplaces and Pellet stoves and grills of known brand-name manufacturers. Attention the company uses heat exchanger on innovative and future-oriented heating systems such as water-bearing wood stoves and Pellet stoves. The range is rounded off by an extensive range of charcoal and gas grills. The online shop gives customers the ability to purchase comfortable and high-quality products of leading from home manufacturers, without shipping online on comprehensive service having to do without (including National Assembly and connection service).