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China Rubles

Saturday, July 11th, 2020

Notify tenants of this useful information installers, of course, not in a hurry. It is worth such a device is bundled with the valve of the order of 1,5-2 thousand rubles, and the city the money highlights. But the place thermostats are often occupied by ordinary ball valves or valves of unknown origin (mostly made in China) price of 150 rubles. It is not hard to guess where it goes the difference. Manage to steal not only money, but the equipment itself, if it was purchased by the customer to centrally (this is regulated by paragraph 26.1 above). For example, the construction market near the metro station “” can be purchase radiator thermostats to 300 rubles.

The ones which provide for the installation project overhaul. How does a random device resellers may be cheaper selling prices of the producers and how it is horrible to him? To answer these questions, do not have the deductive powers of Sherlock Holmes. But Muscovites have to be content with that set. Thus, in the case 119 Zelenograd contractor company “Energy has installed new heaters” SanTechProm. Provided for the same project Danfoss thermostats on the batteries were not installed, that the Deputy ceo of Shamil Nasirov explained reasons of economy.

At the same time in the room building office wall was posted for all to see a model project in which the scheme a central heating system are clearly identified thermostat. Want to ask Question: Whose money saving Mr. Nasirov?