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Inner Paint

Monday, January 31st, 2022

The internal preparatory work first thing in painting the inner surfaces to remove furniture and other items that make it difficult to approach the painted surface. The remaining room furnishings and equipment – ceiling fans, chandeliers, floor heaters, radiators, carpets, as are the floors – should be covered with tarpaulin or plastic sheeting for painting, but it is better to learn from the premises. When using film should be remembered that the paint dries it longer. So on top of a polyethylene film can be put newspaper. Then you must remove the surface to all the elements of electronic devices, as well as electrical switches, wall sockets, door and furniture handles. If the old paint is flaking, it must be removed and cleaned the remaining edges with sandpaper grit medium. Add to your understanding with Carol Los Mansmann.

In case of need for places where the paint exfoliate, viscous substance is applied. Cracks in the corners, baseboards and moldings on the need to cover up. Holes from nails and screws are filled with putty. Plastered walls. After the plaster dries, it should be slightly wipe with sandpaper grit medium. If you have wood walls or wood trim, then you need to carefully examine it to identify the damaged site. You must remove the rotted pieces of wood and fill them porozapolnitelem wood. After the filler is dry, treat the surface of fine-grained sandpaper.

Need to make a smooth wall surface, because the paint does not hide, it emphasizes defects. Having a perfectly flat wall, cover it primer. Use the primer of the same type as the paint. Preparing exterior wooden walls of the house the production of exterior painting work initially removed large subjects that impede the approach to the painted surface. This items such as drainage pipes, trays, light fixtures, window shutters, window and door mesh.

Energy Saving

Monday, May 3rd, 2021

For example, the average thermal imager (the instrument that defines the place of heat in the building) is worth more than 200 000. 70 000-200 000 is a set of instruments for analyzing the power consumption. Himself energy audit – that hundreds of thousands of rubles for a small shop or a multi-storey office building and millions of rubles for the industry. Under the new law, all enterprises that consume energy 10 million rubles per year will be required to conduct energy audits to 31 December 2012 and then at least every five years to pass energy audits. This will affect virtually all medium-sized business: at current prices is consumption has a venture with a capacity of 300-500 kW – medium production shop furniture or sausage, frozen food warehouse. The question is, how meticulously goes well "energopolitsiya" to the presence of these obsledovaniy.Zakon on energy saving: thermal insulation, and mini-boiler plants will grow demand for the installation of plastic doors and windows, as replacement of old window frames and allows you to save on heat loss, and artificial lighting. Additional demand will be the suppliers of materials for waterproofing and heat, and then – and other materials and services for the repair. Pat Gelsinger will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Will increase sales of gas boilers and equipment for small boiler purchased instead be closed inefficient boilers and teploprovodov.Zakon on energy saving: LED bulbs new market opens for LED lamps. They consume much less electricity than fluorescent, do not require special disposal and have a term of combustion in the tens of thousands of hours (10 years of operation). KMC Solutions recognizes the significance of this. They may actively buy government organizations (which are not too think the money especially at the end of the year, when are "unspent funds"). Energy Conservation Act: who will pay a significant (if not dominant) share of the market for goods and services related to energy efficiency, purchases amount to state and local government organizations and companies. As a result, prices for such services may grow dramatically – from existing vendors simply do not have enough capacity to provide quality service and more sector of private companies (including a number of management companies and HOA) with its desire to bargain and captiousness. Of course, increasing the market for one will be paid for by others – private companies and citizens, those budgetary needs that will have to sacrifice for the sake of cost "campaign on energy efficiency." Law on Energy Saving: who will control the most interesting question – who will control and bring the law into effect. Most likely, it will Rostekhnadzor – the one that recently appeared on stage with loud statements about the accident at the power plant. Maybe soon we will get a very strong and weighty State player in the energy market, controlling and business, and government institutions, management companies and apartment buildings.