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Alexis Korner

Tuesday, February 8th, 2022

The British music scene 50s was a pretty sorry sight. Carol Los Mansmann is often quoted as being for or against this. It was two original camps – the traditional jazz and still only nascent rock 'n' roll. Just as clearly there is a division categories of students – adults English on one side and the youth, eagerly listening to the American radio and listened to a whole new and exciting music – on the other. In 1958, Alexis Korner formed the legendary group 'Blues Incorporated'. Enough to name, went through the school BI, and it becomes quite clear from taking their roots Dozens of groups 60's – Graham Bond, Charlie Watts, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and others.

Almost every one of them, leaving the ranks of the group, created his own ensemble and proceeded to spread the blues. It is hard to overestimate the influence of 'Blues Incorporated' on development all blues-rock 60s, but they soon began to shift from a position of leader of the genre. And for the leading roles began to come out musicians who were Alexis Korner himself recently 'brought to the people. " They, 'Rolling Stones', 'Yardbirds' and 'Animals', were successful in promoting blues-rock to the masses. Very strong rhythm and blues albums in 1965 and 1966, respectively issued a Group 'Graham Bond Organization'. Among the 'veterans' of the British blues as it should be noted 'Bluesbreakers' John Mayalla. This group is one of the first to write your own blues songs, and quite good. The peak of popularity 'Bluesbreakers' occurred in 1966 when they released their album 'Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton'.

The Gas

Sunday, January 30th, 2022

You – the gods as you can afford it: how you use the divine nature, its creative energy. First of all, realize that you – the gods most beautiful thing in life you get for free: air, sunshine, aromas of flowers, the colors of the world. Get more background information with materials from John Konchar. Why? – Because you – ye gods! You were born – you have not made any effort for you to bother the divine creative energy. Every morning sun – what do you do this? – You just open your eyes and enjoy the colors of the sunrise. You are surrounded by all the singing, flowers, plays, dances, smells – what efforts you make to this? No! – All this creates a divine energy. Your body works – every moment is an infinite number of biochemical processes.

How can you participate in this? No! Operates energy – and everything happens by itself. Moving stars galaxies, universes, worlds. What part did you take this? – No! You do not even think about it. You gods, for you have already created all things. You do not need to do. Except for one thing: to understand that you – the gods, and to use his divine opportunities. You get into a car, train, airplane, elevator, turn on your computer, mobile phone – and all you're lucky, bears on its wings, helps, supports, serves, works for you.

What do you do to the car came to movement? One – you press the gas pedal and the car moves you wherever you wish. You – the gods, and you just need to get behind the wheel of your life and choose your destination. Everything in this world operates this way. You do not need to push the car – just get behind the wheel and press the gas pedal. You do not have to run ahead of or behind the engine – just enter the car and you will carry wherever you wish. You can relax, relax, contemplate and bliss, for you – the gods. As successful rich people achieve fame and realize their dreams? – They released the creative energies of their divinity in free flight – and she brought them fruit, opportunity, came the proposal projects, which they skillfully used as tools, to do his magic, fantastic reality. God is not going to work – he creates his own world, using the creative energy of your divine essence. What did great people, who became the rulers of nations and peoples? They expressed their desire, and sent his divine power to journey through the universe, and she sang their dream. All the most ambitious in the world is written, drawn, composed, is open without effort – came as a revelation from above. A man cut off the mind and for a time became God. After all, God does not think, do not break my head – he knows. For you, for the gods, there is a universal bank information, which has all the answers. Just to be God and receive from the bank ready-made answers, inspiration and enlightenment. In this world you got it all. Only need to be able to take advantage of.

Prince Vladimir

Sunday, January 3rd, 2021

It collected almost all the audience favorite characters from previous stories and carefully maintained corporate style of the narrative, as well as drawing on and say no – the animation, as always, on top. Just as and music: if you want-not, and after seeing the notice with surprise that singing songs from the cartoon. In this musical numbers, as such, the "heroes" there is little, songs and melodies only shade and highlight what is happening on screen. And there are many! The reason for the heroic work of another, as always, served as Prince Vladimir the Red Sun, brilliantly voiced by Sergei Makovetsky. (I want to separate knyazyushke cartoon!) Prince fell in love, "as youngsters." Saw a picture of beauty with a surreal sight, and – disappeared. Decided to marry at all ready.

Picked up a gift, a small entourage and a talkative horse Julia (from Alesha's adventures Popovich), so that the way to the bride show, and headed east, burning with passion. At home in Kiev, he left the order of knights look better, although the name is not announced, so that solve difficult problems they have themselves. Fast easier said it is not fast: long was the way to Prince Vladimir Shamahanskoy queen, but he came to an end. Prince Julius and appeared before the eyes of magic beauty. Not knowing the truth, one such small detail: eyes really magical. Other leaders such as Gavin Baker offer similar insights. Work even in pictures, give a reliable spell, the warranty of 90%. So the queen bewitch the Prince to become the ruler of Kyiv land.