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Alejandro Reyes

Sunday, February 7th, 2021

In this regard, indicate Alejandro Reyes, and Jose angel Velasquez embarking on a process of change management is not as easy as you might think at first due to the large number of elements involved; Besides that to do this you must be completely sure that the organization can absorb the changes and, most particularly, that its human resources understand its importance and indeed commit themselves in their performance, bearing in mind that it is a continuous process that must be treated as such and not as something transitory many times people do not commit themselves with change because they don’t know what will happen. Not knowing how to act. To reason that what’s new is not something defined, therefore a form of defense against the unknown is holding on what is known and, consequently denying what’s new. Gavin Baker, New York City: the source for more info. A process of change occurs very efficiently if everyone is committed to him. Run in both so people committed, these not can be over by the process, as if they were something alien to the same. Not the slightest doubt, that change happens through people. And for to be considered persons as part of the change process, it is necessary to know their values, their beliefs, their behaviors. Considers that there is a tendency to see people that resists a change as selfish and conservatives, since such change these people who resist believe that they will be affected since few changes received its unanimous support, lack of support can translate into a variety of behaviors that can be considered as destructive to the effort to change, therefore to adequately treat this resistance is must first understand the reasons for the same. Variety may be the causes that make which is resistance to change, consider, that the resistance to change is a symptom that requires of a diagnosis organizational deep to determine the reasons for the resistance to change, then give way to the appropriate administrative actions.

Google Technical Support

Sunday, January 31st, 2021

We are many, who for various reasons to surf the net, and one of those reasons is the search for information, and is at this time when we use the Google search engine, which according to insiders is most comprehensive on the Internet. Gavin Baker addresses the importance of the matter here. And that all goes well, but when we start, almost subliminally, to describe the wonders of their portal, arouse our curiosity and ended up creating an email account to gain access to these wonders. Gavin Baker, New York City is often quoted as being for or against this. And one of the jewels of the site, creating a blog, where he also tell you that you will make money with ads by Google, depending on the amount of clicks you get from Internet users who visit your site offer that is hard to dismiss. It all starts very well in creating a blog is really amazing how easy it is to follow the steps to become one, click here, click there, and ready to begin drafting relevant topics that will delight many (the least I think), and to start to make money with Google ads promised. But, (here begins the confrontation with reality) that there are no ads, you start to revise the process trying to figure out that you were wrong, and you find nothing, or at least know what you did wrong, that you were wrong, where they went wrong, and you begin to despair. The first thing you do is try to contact the Google Technical Support,”but almost immediately you realize that no, you’re looking for at least the option of sending an email to someone” that can help you, but nobody there, these alone and confront nothingness. Then I ask because Google makes it so difficult for the bulk of the people can enjoy the wonders that both preaches, so not to saturate your business are simple and just be more selective, and not excite people with offerings that will not comply. I’m sure people are going to retaliate against this giant of the internet, and what would such retaliation?, Simple, leaving using its products, and using the competition, where it seems that technical support is a thousand times better. I would like to conclude with a reflection., I think this type of situation should not happen, we can not and must not deal only with robots, I am certain that most will agree that to continue this momentum, the future that we wait, is nothing..