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Nearsightedness Myopia

Tuesday, January 24th, 2023

Since this site covers issues correction of refractive errors, myopia and this is the most common ametropia, we tried to provide as much information on the diseases of the eye. Synonym myopia – myopia. This term is attributed to Aristotle, who in IVveke BC first described this disease. The very concept of myopia means in Latin squints. And really, if you look at the short-sighted man, see that it is removed when placing items begins squint. Here you can look at the refraction of myopia. Myopia – the most common eye pathology.

According to recent reports in Russia Currently, approximately 40% of nearsighted people and each year is increasing, especially among children and adolescents. But the real reason for its development is still unknown. Visit Glenn Dubin, New York City for more clarity on the issue. The danger lies in its short-sightedness complications. Thus, when the progressive myopia possible retinal detachment, which often leads to blindness and myopia in pregnant women, depending on the degree of tyazheyati may be a reason for cesarean section. The following are factors contributing to the emergence of short-sightedness. Here are some of them: – Work on the computer – Stress – Long read at close range and in low light – Heredity (her play the main role) – Improper correction (if time does not ARR, myopia, this leads to strain the eye muscles and the further deterioration of vision, and vice versa correction stronger glasses or contact lenses as leads to vision loss.) Myopia may be congenital or acquired.

By Asvetisovu (one of the best theorists of myopia) in the development of myopia and its progression are three major links: 1. Visual work at close range (weakened accommodation) 2. Hereditary conditionality 3. Weakened sclera (which will increase the intraocular pressure). The first 2 links appear right away, and the third is usually in the potential state and is manifested in the stage of development of myopia, causing its further progression.


Sunday, September 13th, 2020

A cold pack is particularly good use of swelling, fatigue and a feeling of heaviness in the legs, and as a means of rehabilitation after sclerosing veins. In practice, if not contraindications, hot and cold packs can be combined. Ends Wrapping in the shower, where the drug wash off. On top you can take a bath with sea salt. The recommended number of wraps is strictly individually, but usually it is 6-15 procedures that are carried out for 3-6 weeks. At home, get rid of cellulite can help you: Normalization of food.

More fresh fruits and vegetables, less harmful products (crisps, sweet carbonated beverages, fatty foods). If you are overweight, try to make your food less nutritious. Robert A. Iger has compatible beliefs. Formation of the path of healthy lifestyles. If you smoke, give up this harmful habit. Reduce to minimum reception of alcoholic beverages. More walk in the fresh air and normalize your sleep. More physical activity.

The more you move, the less chance of cellulite to stay on your body. Especially useful exercise to the areas where cellulite is actively progressing – the thighs and buttocks. And the best sport to help 'smooth' cellulite, is swimming. Self-massage. If you regularly for a few minutes will perform self-massage, you will significantly improve the state of 'problematic participants Cove'. Cellulite massage is performed starting from the ankles, with the transition to the thighs and buttocks. Kneaded site as it rises and compresses if you vymeshivayut dough. To enhance the effect of massage, you can use a special brush against cellulite with thick rounded teeth. Water treatment. Douches improves skin elasticity, a cool shower is also will be useful to you. In addition, you can drive a shower on the problem areas, massaging the skin with cool water jets. If you have no contraindications (high blood pressure, etc.), you will be useful to a sauna. Sauna is increased sweating, and then displayed together with toxins – the faithful companions of cellulite. Anti-Cellulite funds. It is best to apply them on damp skin after bath or shower, or after the massage to the active components means better absorbed into your skin. Anti-Cellulite means if you use them regularly – a good aid in the fight against cellulite, but they do more preventative and supportive role and are ineffective at advanced stages of cellulite. . improve circulation, and enhance limofotoka metabolism, which in turn will help reduce the amount of fat cells and make cellulite less noticeable. That effect of miostimulation was maximal, before each treatment to treat the problem area for cellulite massage brush for 5-10 minutes. During the procedure should wear a special belt hyperemic – This will allow better heat subcutaneous fat, and the process of splitting will be much faster. At the same time, do not expect that after the muscle stimulator cellulitis with extra inches disappear without a trace. Myostimulation intended primarily to restore and strengthen the muscles, not to fight obesity and the 'orange peel'. It is therefore advisable to use myostimulation those who have weak and untrained muscles, but also wants to strengthen them and prepare them for regular exercise.