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General Hospital

Wednesday, December 6th, 2023

One of the vehicles caught fire killing its four occupants. The victims of this tourism were between 18 and 23 years. A woman who was in another vehicle, wound serious, died shortly thereafter. In recent months, Glenn Dubin, New York City has been very successful. It has happened in the regional road CM-101 (meaning Carrascosa de Henares). The four deceased to ignite the tourism they were traveling after colliding with another vehicle on the highway CM-101 in Jadraque (Guadalajara) were between 18 and 23 years old and three were natural guadalajareno municipality, while the fourth had gone to the village the weekend. So the Mayor of Jadraque, Alberto Dominguez, has explained it has pointed out that three of the dead were natural in the municipality, while the fourth was a friend who had come to spend the weekend to the town whose inhabitants according to the Alderman are shattered. In this sense, stated he has summoned a urgent plenary session of the municipal corporation for this Monday, in which three days of official mourning was probably decretaran.

Also, Dominguez has reported that the other person who died in the accident, a woman of 51 years of age whose initials are M.P.F.B., is natural humanes (Guadalajara). at/’>Wayne Holman. The fifth fatal victim was returning to his people from a wedding held in Jadraque in tourism which collided with that occupied the four deceased young, has clarified the Mayor. The five were killed after a collision between passenger cars that traveled to 21 hours yesterday at the height of kilometre 43,580 from CM-101 (which runs between capital Guadalajara and the boundary of the province of Soria), in the municipal term of Jadraque. After the clash between the two vehicles, tourism skidded off the road and caught fire, so that the four young men who occupied it lost their lives in the Act, as reported by the Central Government in Guadalajara. The other deceased has died in the Hospital General Universitario de Guadalajara, which had been relocated, so that the man that drove tourism which was traveling, 59 years of age, are It is admitted in a hospital in Madrid which was transferred by helicopter..

Christian Louboutin Python

Saturday, October 21st, 2023

The couple held an intimate wedding and family. They later collapsed Church marriage in Mallorca. Get all the facts and insights with Jeffrey Bewkes, another great source of information. The bride, minifaldera, wore a gown by Manuel Mota. After announcing it a few months ago, the Venezuelan singer Carlos Baute has finally married civilly in Latvia with his girlfriend, the Venezuelan architect Astrid Klisans, according to Hello Magazine published Wednesday. > can provide more clarity in the matter. The publication shows images exclusively for the link, in which you see an intimate ceremony with relatives of both.

We are happy and delighted and know that we are the one to the other. We will strive to keep our love with respect, tolerance and communication, told the magazine the bride and groom, who started her love affair a year ago, although known from children. The choice of Latvia as the setting for the wedding is due to the bride’s family originated in this Baltic country, and the newlyweds met delighted with some Latvian bridal traditions. Second wedding in Mallorca Mallorca is, meanwhile, the place that the author of tea has chosen gift and his wife already legally to celebrate your church marriage in June 2012. Astrid Klisans chose to give the yes I want an exclusive minifaldero Manuel Mota for Pronovias dress in silk chiffon with semiabullonada miniskirt, draped body and a cinturon-joya of star-shaped Swarovski crystals, as well as a pair of shoes from Christian Louboutin Python. The bride, whose bouquet was roses color champagne, opted to carry loose and slightly wavy mane just away from the face by a fork of beadwork. Meanwhile, Baute wore a suit of Canali for Yusti, Brioni tie and cufflinks in white gold and sapphires. Source of the news: Carlos Baute and Astrid Klisans married civilly in Latvia

Washington Square

Friday, June 30th, 2023

The protests, as in the case of Spain, are organizing through Twitter. 7 Italian cities have confirmed that they will participate in the concentrations. After the success obtained in the calls for the 15-m concentrates, young Spaniards, continue progressing in their claims, causing numerous international media attention and achieving that cto outrage begin to cross borders. The message has ignited the wick of the indignation in Italy where the first concentrations in favour of political change have been called for this Friday, may 20. The text Roma plaza of Spain may 20 h.20? you are constantly publishing through various chains of tweets promoted by many young Italian who has caught the attention of Spanish calls success. The calls in the transalpine country confirmed among those of Rome, Pisa, Florence, Bologna, Padua, Turin or Milan, which will take place in the Piazza del Duomo.

All of them share a same motto, #italianrevolution, continuing with that used in our country, #spanishrevolution, and begin to guess as the previous hotbed that may require policy changes in the neighboring country. European support to the Spanish initiative regardless of calls in favour of change in Italy, are many European cities in which there are provided for concentrations in support of the spanish revolution, much of them against Spanish embassies good example of them which will take place in London, where several dozens of young people have already remained camped for several hours, or Birmingham, Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, Paris, Budapest, Istanbul and Buenos Aires, among others, where you foresee concentrations throughout the afternoon on Thursday supporting the Spanish cause. Protests will also arrive in the coming days to the U.S. city of New York, where on Saturday there will be a concentration in the Washington Square at 12.30 h. source of the news:: Italy summons concentrations in its major cities to promote his own revolution.

Balearic Government Union

Saturday, February 1st, 2020

The President of Baleares, Jose Ramon Bauza (PP), announced Thursday reduction in 70% of the Union released. It does not rule out legal measures against the perpetrators of the previous regional Executive in case detected possible irregularities. The President of Baleares, Jose Ramon Bauza (PP), announced Thursday reduction in 70% of the Union released. In addition, the President of the Balearic Government does not rule out legal measures against the perpetrators of the previous regional Executive in case detected possible irregularities in the last Parliament, given that otherwise would be irresponsible. If we find any irregularity, there is advocacy of the community, he remarked. Thus has revealed it this Thursday in Madrid, asked about what would be the attitude of the Government in case of finding any kind of irregularities in the management of the former autonomous Government during the audit process carried out in the public sector.

Bauza has stated that his Government is focused on the economic situation of the community, that it has qualified criticism and dramatic, which attributed to the Pacte de progres, and that its intention is not to look under carpets, although he asserts that any hypothetical irregularity would be put at the disposal of the law of the State. Regarding clipping of released, is a measure that adds to the announced Wednesday by the Valencian Government, when the Minister of finance and public administration, Jose Manuel Vela, claimed that you abolish 704 jobs and 165 freed Trade Union institutional (positions created in 1995), measures that save 31 million euros annually. For its part, the Secretary general of CCOO, Ignacio Fernandez Toxo, said Wednesday that the figure of the Union released is non-existent, since it is workers who have trade union hours ceded by their co-workers who, in the majority of cases, they work many more hours than these. Source of the news: Jose Ramon Bauza, President of the Balearic Islands, announced a cut of 70% of Union released