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Patriotism And Patriotism In The Mesopotamian Sense

Monday, April 19th, 2021

Why patriotism? Is the compulsory with the French Revolution the concept of patriotism, and be guided by the dissemination of liberal thought was known, has been since about mid-19th centuries with nationalism and chauvinism mixed. Rather the egoistic understanding of patriotism. Even patriotism as that love is to the suitable community, which needs no justification or derivation, but is urging each folk comrade as original feeling \”understood, let’s active love patriotism\” for the homeland and its people. Therefore defines patriotism as a collective sense, born from the consciousness of oneness with a variety. The philosopher Karl Christian Friedrich Krause, wrote that love of country, is actually father people love; Feeling and pleasure on the goodness and beauty of his father people with the quest with him to unite and probably do. Regardless of whether the father people well or hurt does me without inhuman against the father people and bad to be blind without love less so other good and beautiful people, without being unfair against another people in judgment and deed. The father people probably do: in other words, it lead to self-knowledge. \”it carry the same always walk away for good and beautiful, like: probably do any one or more of its citizens\”.

Patriotism is a kind of love. So it can be understood also as love on behalf of the association with the beloved country or the beloved people. But patriotism is not forced love neither to the people or country and must not be depending on the duties of the people across this country. (Similarly see: QCOM). \”Krause writes: to love my father people, is not compulsory, but for our glory, what have Lebenswurdige itself, and what is he guilty, this is mandatory\”. Krause illustrates it even closer in which he writes: (…) Patriotism is the free will to comply with its obligations against the people of his father; out of a sense of duty; I see not because you love the same thing\” but to reach the patriotism also a duty that makes the people, freedom and the attainment of independence of the motherland and the people and to contribute to the conservation of this in writing, deed endeavours.

Touring Exhibition Against Sexual Abuse

Sunday, April 18th, 2021

Over 200 postcards from those affected break at June 15, 2009 in the foyer of the new town hall in Gottingen the silence about a taboo subject we are loud! Ye loud!”it says in the description of the postcards project by the Gottingen Club against – abuse e. Gain insight and clarity with figs apparel. V. The Club offers people who have experienced sexual violence in their childhood and youth, with this project the opportunity to remain anonymous and still to set a sign against the silence. Over 200 self-designed postcards of sufferers has reached the mailbox of the Association. It was painted, written, photographed, made. And every single post card contains a unique, impactful message that inevitably raises goosebumps in the Viewer. There are now enough cards to begin the once-defined goal of a touring exhibition, but more cards are always welcome. Once the cards have been issued in the long night of the churches in Haiger.

The cards reach their goal: make thoughtful, touching, and talk, without much must be spoken. It’s the Club against – abuse e. V. therefore, establishing hearing to interested parties. The abuse in childhood and adolescence does not end with the actual attacks.

Sexually abused children are traumatized. Just like in trauma by other violent crimes, bombings, kidnappings, war experiences, natural disasters, those affected are carrying their experiences for a lifetime. Trauma can influence people. Experienced sexual violence can affect all areas of life: partnership, relationship, career, sexuality in adulthood. Abuse occurs in all social strata and everywhere you will find also the persons concerned. Because sexual abuse but still remains a social taboo, sufferers have there only quite difficult. Talk about this is difficult and who does it, not necessarily the case on understanding. “A common response: bad, what you’ve experienced, but now that you finally forget.” That the victims of such experiences would often give anything, their Past easy-to-forget’, it is not clear to many. The post cards express all this. You can look behind the scenes of people who seem so, like you and me. After all, we are talking about an underreporting of about 320,000, sexually abused children and young people in Germany alone. It means victims of a sexual assault will each 4 girls and every 7 boy during her childhood. The exhibition begins on Monday, the June 15, 2009 at 14:00 with a welcome by the Gottingen social Councillor Dr. Dagmar Schlapeit-Beck and a speech by Ingo jib, first Chairman of the Association against – abuse e. V. in the foyer of the Gottingen City Hall and can be visited until 07.07.2009 there. Representatives of the media are welcome guests and welcome. How to contact with against – abuse e.V.

Good Times Begin!

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

Good times begin – the economic crisis perhaps the only true Savior of our future! Again negative news befall us, although these correspond to the reality, as we stand by the LV research team Berlin, positively face the economic crisis. Even though we have a different view, which should lead to a learning process in our society, this event has demonstrated at least once to think and inserting probably real signals, stimulation! The economic crisis itself is not negative, she provides us with only a unverfalschbares certificate and the revelation for incorrect behavior of profitgieriger Manager, who unfortunately also still have too much power! Without this us now presented testimony (economic crisis) it would have been nearly impossible, to convict effects Manager and Board members with their immoral practices of the public, because they’re good also as successful professionals for the pretense of assets! So we have already by the get a small taste, what kept ready for us the future. Have you asked himself the question what would have been if it seriously would have succeeded to the lobbyists for the banks and the insurance industry, lead to us for another 20 or 30 years to mislead? Here, one should speak perhaps but by the blessing in disguise, that a witness (economic crisis) which was issued for defective, profitgieriges behavior has enabled us today new and correct way for a secure future. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out figs scrubs. Certainly, the price, the taxpayer now and future generations have to wear later, is high. However, the majority of our population is then hardly conceivable, as in 20 or 30 years ago today exposed bets and blank papers (called the private old-age provision) would you want to live! Hopeful and quick fixes to the pension plan are under discussion. We were by the positive reaction of parties and the Consumer Council Brandenburg on our press release The right signals continued poverty in Germany we must do something\”, notice.

Holy Warrior

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021

Radical leftist, as violence, are ready not to appeal, it has at least this country finally no experience with Stalin BBs crime. Now, crime and crime in a democracy are no matter what reasons as such to track and punish, not more and not less. All the other, for me right”believe in a pan to throw, is a worrying development and testifies to the fear of the political class against power loss, as well as his own bad conscience and is a threat to democracy. I want to hold here their even given examples concerning the Islamic citizens envision those responsible in politics and the media. Therefore not every devout is a violent Holy Warrior, and the people will be admonished at least here permanently, lumping all over a comb. Same fundamental rights for all, regardless of religious or political background. Prevention against any kind of radicalism starts with the responsibility of politicians and the media.

Reactions, populism, chauvinism, sedition and witch-hunts”bring nothing and evidence of intention of manipulation. Combat boots, bald, and cool sayings are so far not punishable, if not particularly fashionable. A bald or leather jacket represents as a danger or threat to little like the veil of a Muslim. The real threat is the unsatisfied yearning of the people for identity and equality, as well as membership of a community, BBs to keep these requirements in an imbalance is dangerous. Here, we should ask the question who feels threatened and who is BBs actually dangerous? The EU designed exclusively by and for the political class has seen over this and due to our German past believe random information and their direction of representation of to determine those responsible. The breeding ground of the right thinking lies in the secret”feel of German citizens. “” “” Through permanent circumcisions, betrayal of the civil rights of self-proclaimed Apostles of public health “, give our State sovereignty to the EU’s self-proclaimed governance without the voice of the people, forgetting election promises, the favor of foreign citizens, permanently imposed Islam acceptance, the Gestapo approach of financial authorities, the monitoring of Staatsschutzer”, the creep of industry lobbying, the dumping of taxpayers of the next generation, and so on, it simmers in millions of minds.

Energy Information Agency

Friday, February 5th, 2021

This is a dream. Every serious outlook on the use of oil for the next 50 years, including even predictions of serious organizations like the Ministry of Energy and Energy Agency, World, suggests that 75% of all fuel will continue is made from crude oil. Today, the United States consumes 21 million barrels of oil per day. But their own supplies make only 8.5 million. This is clearly not enough. Consumption in the world is 85 million barrels of oil per day and increasing annually by 1 million barrels per day, due to the fact that India, China and the Middle East began to consume more. And they account for 40% of the planet.

U.S. will inevitably compete with these countries on consumption, which will continue to provoke a price increase and political confrontation. With our thirst for oil, keep our crime, ample resources, untapped. By 2050, world population will increase by 2 billion people, and the U.S. will be 100 million people more (based on the estimated census). An increase in the number of people will increase energy consumption.

But how much? That is the question. Energy Information Agency (Energy Information Administration, EIA) expects that by 2030 year, oil consumption will increase by 40%. This is a great deal. EIA predicts that global oil companies will invest at least $ 8 trillion annually to support global economic growth. C Democratic Party, which advocates for tax increases, nationalization of oil companies and forcing top officials of these companies, almost every month to report to Congress, it is surprising that we do there is oil. When income is reduced, reduced and investments that are profitable. This means that the oil extracted in the future will be less, not more. During the period from 1990 to 2006, oil invested $ 1.2 trillion, according to compared with 900 billion profits. Those who accuse them of collusion or speculation – are lying. If we do not develop our own resources and do not reduce consumption to a large extent, we are forced to buy oil for abroad, turning back a huge amount of dollars. At current prices the U.S. will buy oil at $ 600 billion, with the remainder of the year. This is slightly less than our current trade deficit of 700 billion. Due to the fact that the U.S. in desperate need of oil, America has now become number one in any doubt, wars and conflicts, where only part of the countries and peoples, are active supporters of terrorism. We do not do better, giving up develop its own oil fields.

President Kurmanbek Bakiyev

Saturday, January 2nd, 2021

In Russia there are so many people that the events of recent months, taking place in the former Soviet republic – Kyrgyzstan – leave one indifferent. Checking article sources yields Francis Ford Coppola as a relevant resource throughout. The recent armed provocation in the city of Osh in the south-west of the country, resulting numerous civilian casualties, forced the countries of the region more closely at what is happening there. Our reader Leo, like many others interested in caring question – who is behind the events in Osh, and in general for the April coup in Kyrgyzstan? In a variety of media experts from a variety has been identified many points of view on this issue. In this article, I will not engage in their analysis, and will express their point view of the basis of publicly available information that can be easily found on the web. I'll start with the coup.

To understand who is behind it, it is necessary to identify its main motif. His personality will help detect Otunbayeva. She pretty serious record, in which special attention is drawn to the Ambassador of the Republic's diplomatic service in the U.S., Canada, Great Britain. In addition, she worked for a long time special Representative of UN Secretary-General on the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict and the Foreign Minister of Kyrgyzstan, and after the "Tulip Revolution" of 2005 that led to the government of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, is using it briefly regained the post of foreign minister, even though her candidacy and later was rejected by the Kyrgyz parliament. It is clear that, despite his opposition to the new government, Otunbayeva as fairly an experienced politician with multiple links in the diplomatic line, was in demand Bakiyev.

Erika Steinbach And Conservatives

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

The Association of Mrs Steinbach represents about 15 million Germans and that is a tremendous political power, which is almost completely at home in the Union. Conservative, comes from the Latin and means simply: “Receiving, holding to the old”. From Latin conservatism is a political attitude, which grows from the pursuit for life and safety and is therefore committed to the preservation of the political and social conditions. If so and so is the conservative and actually insists on the preservation and conservation of the old the Union has a problem, because it is dependent on the conservatives. Coen brothers gathered all the information. This problem can be fixed very well on the conservative displaced official, Mrs Erika Steinbach. The old, what will they get, and keep, are the vested rights of displaced people, before the second world war, which today are owned by people from Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, etc.

Therefore comprehensible, Mrs Steinbach has also opposed the oder-Neisse line in the Bundestag. The former home is located East, behind the Oder and Neisse. The Association of Mrs Steinbach represents about 15 million Germans and that is a tremendous political power, which is almost completely at home in the Union. Already our first Federal Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer would never have become Chancellor without the voices of displaced people. A large proportion of displaced persons is consistent with Mrs Steinbach and’d like back home. This reality explains the high percentage of conservatives, keepers in the Union. The Social Democrats never had the opportunity to exploit the potential of this voter, this they were at the time with their political ideology to close to socialism, and that the present owners of the lands of the displaced persons. Since the conservative “Seeheimer circle” could change nothing. The Liberals, the partner of choice in the Union, the word liberal says it already, if they were liberal, nothing on the hat could have with conservatism at all.