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Washington Square

Friday, June 30th, 2023

The protests, as in the case of Spain, are organizing through Twitter. 7 Italian cities have confirmed that they will participate in the concentrations. After the success obtained in the calls for the 15-m concentrates, young Spaniards, continue progressing in their claims, causing numerous international media attention and achieving that cto outrage begin to cross borders. The message has ignited the wick of the indignation in Italy where the first concentrations in favour of political change have been called for this Friday, may 20. The text Roma plaza of Spain may 20 h.20? you are constantly publishing through various chains of tweets promoted by many young Italian who has caught the attention of Spanish calls success. The calls in the transalpine country confirmed among those of Rome, Pisa, Florence, Bologna, Padua, Turin or Milan, which will take place in the Piazza del Duomo.

All of them share a same motto, #italianrevolution, continuing with that used in our country, #spanishrevolution, and begin to guess as the previous hotbed that may require policy changes in the neighboring country. European support to the Spanish initiative regardless of calls in favour of change in Italy, are many European cities in which there are provided for concentrations in support of the spanish revolution, much of them against Spanish embassies good example of them which will take place in London, where several dozens of young people have already remained camped for several hours, or Birmingham, Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, Paris, Budapest, Istanbul and Buenos Aires, among others, where you foresee concentrations throughout the afternoon on Thursday supporting the Spanish cause. Protests will also arrive in the coming days to the U.S. city of New York, where on Saturday there will be a concentration in the Washington Square at 12.30 h. source of the news:: Italy summons concentrations in its major cities to promote his own revolution.


Sunday, May 14th, 2023

The boundaries of the largely unregulated, globalized economic system. The flow was quite tempting. Action, full speed ahead. Still, if also the cliffs become Messier. But still we move into relatively safe water.

When you open your eyes but slightly it a small gap is already enough then you can see it: many of us beutelt it already uncomfortable and before some of the abyss opens up, some are already in free fall. The result of the largely unregulated, globalized economic system: Not less than unemployment, poverty, hunger, death due to poverty. On the contrary. The gap between rich and poor is not small. It is not better, it is cruel.

The system makes use of the inequalities and reinforced them. Excess excess, waste, on the one hand and lack and infinite on the other. 18 percent of young Americans are severely obese. Thousands of children in Africa go blind because they lack a few euros to save their eyesight. Rampant freedom, excessive trading, dictates the Prices – in a world that can not be more different: A variety of heterogeneous societies, forms of Government, resources, climate, living conditions, values, knowledge and experiences, possibilities and needs. In Austria, there would be no more farmers would be the company unable to subsidize agriculture with more than 2/3. In many countries, such as Africa, it is not possible. The small-scale structures are not able to compete. Many of them suffer from abject poverty. Many die. This may be not the right way. Whether you want to see it, should or can. A world that denies the closer invading border for this and seeking their fortune in the everlasting growth. Millions of containers, for example, up to 18.000 on a floating environmental bomb, which noisily and smelly are hunted, defeated resources around the globe and often subsidised.

Erika Steinbach And Conservatives

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

The Association of Mrs Steinbach represents about 15 million Germans and that is a tremendous political power, which is almost completely at home in the Union. Conservative, comes from the Latin and means simply: “Receiving, holding to the old”. From Latin conservatism is a political attitude, which grows from the pursuit for life and safety and is therefore committed to the preservation of the political and social conditions. If so and so is the conservative and actually insists on the preservation and conservation of the old the Union has a problem, because it is dependent on the conservatives. Coen brothers gathered all the information. This problem can be fixed very well on the conservative displaced official, Mrs Erika Steinbach. The old, what will they get, and keep, are the vested rights of displaced people, before the second world war, which today are owned by people from Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, etc.

Therefore comprehensible, Mrs Steinbach has also opposed the oder-Neisse line in the Bundestag. The former home is located East, behind the Oder and Neisse. The Association of Mrs Steinbach represents about 15 million Germans and that is a tremendous political power, which is almost completely at home in the Union. Already our first Federal Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer would never have become Chancellor without the voices of displaced people. A large proportion of displaced persons is consistent with Mrs Steinbach and’d like back home. This reality explains the high percentage of conservatives, keepers in the Union. The Social Democrats never had the opportunity to exploit the potential of this voter, this they were at the time with their political ideology to close to socialism, and that the present owners of the lands of the displaced persons. Since the conservative “Seeheimer circle” could change nothing. The Liberals, the partner of choice in the Union, the word liberal says it already, if they were liberal, nothing on the hat could have with conservatism at all.