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Kingdom Time

Sunday, January 16th, 2022

Is it not this holiday season when you rushing us a strange solitude, a kind of vacuum that we call nostalgia and that is nothing more than boredom? Let the wrapper and enjoy gift, present, that return to the home, the breast where a day did you know welcomed and wanted. This is home, where space await us without asking what we did, but what about me? Only a person outside the culture and the realities that sustain us is capable of rejecting how absurd these celebrations. Do we could understand our history without the existence of the Jew of Nazareth, that he spent doing good, welcoming the marginalized, that it defied the powers of their time, that he preached the Beatitudes, which he loved and was loved, that he did that Saturday outside for man and not vice versa, which overcame religious and social time tiesdo, who praised the women, children, the poor and the elderly and that brought the good news to all human beings: love one another? It is necessary to seek that Kingdom belongs to those who suffer persecution for cause of Justice, to whom dan feeding the hungry, drink to the thirsty, wearing a nude, they teach you don’t know that, that comfort to the sad, who share. And that they do not judge or condemn but who are willing to host with one arm while contributing alternative proposals to the social injustices that denounce incessantly with each other forming walls and solidarity networks. And for this, just them walking with his heart listening, your mind open to truth and understanding while his arms open to welcome and to bless, to caress and to heal. We have to take advantage of the special moments to make us complicit with life, and recognize that we owe ourselves a gesture of confidence in life and commitment to the other. So we can draw a bridge over the chasm. Why is Christmas every time someone is home to others. Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo Professor Emeritus of the UCM.