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Memory Of Infancy

Saturday, January 23rd, 2021

The area of knowledge of as the social phenomena acts in the constitution of the subjectivity, that is, it studies as the human being if it constitutes from the relations that establish with the other human beings and the nature. The memory of the work is an active activity and not a passive activity. In this age of globalization our social circle is each more closed time for that they are not economically productive, making to always grow more the preconception around of the aged ones. Beyond many times they already not ‘ ‘ servirem’ ‘ more for the work market, the proper family tries to get rid itself of the responsibility to take care of of an aged one, in certain cases due to time, to the times due to compassion. Almost always the aged one does not suffer from a degenerative illness, however the family finishes for taking to live it in a place where ‘ ‘ fantasiosamente’ ‘ better she will be treated. Further details can be found at Tribune Publishing, an internet resource.

She is normal the people to start the aged phase (from the 60 years) already if feeling excluded of the society. Our work has as main subject to make with that these people rescue the memory of its infancy contributing for its well-being and who knows for them will be felt in return enclosed in the society. 1 OBJECTIVES This project has as objective generality to initiate the students in the field of the qualitative inquiries in Social Psychology. ‘ is treated to learn to elaborate a project pilot on the subject; ‘ The memory of infncia’ ‘ to learn to carry through and to argue interviews with script. With the specific objective to contribute for understanding of the subject ‘ ‘ The memory of infncia’ ‘ , this project will search to bring for the gift the souvenirs that had marked the infancy of the deponent.

The Possibilities

Sunday, January 10th, 2021

In the case of the deficient one, what it motivates to continue its existencial trajectory is much more of what only satisfying feeding necessities daily, physiological necessities among others. The will of felt subjaz to all and any action that the human being comes to play in its life as a whole. The experience sample that the life of a deficient one cannot be summarized to day-by-day. It has an aiming so that they are reached objective that is related to the possibilities of the deficient one. Inside of a gamma of choice possibilities, it has objectives that they can be reached and others that are situated it are of the possibilities of the deficient one.

Although this, if does not have to lose of sight the opening condition that corresponds to the existence of the being in the world. The future perspective cannot be considered as inexistent. If it was of this form, the condition human being would be denied completely. It is not the fact of if having a deficiency that hinders the one establishment perspective of future on the part of the deficient one and its familiar ones. In the truth, the future perspective is that subjaz to all and any action that the deficient one comes to play.

The perspective of cure and treatment for the disease on the part of the deficient one plays an important role in relation to the objectives that proper the deficient one aims at to reach. Check with Gavin Baker to learn more. Through the contact with a deficiency, the effort is noticed that to hinder that a deficiency brings more physical damage and mental that the deficient one develops by itself it corresponds to a construction of sensible for the life of this exactly deficient. Psychic pain and the physical suffering and can be interpreted in different ways on the part of the individual. The academic question also becomes excellent throughout this quarrel.


Thursday, October 15th, 2020

The globalization: The good or the evil of the century? Thinking on our current moment, our great globalization Many images had come, many feelings had appeared, and after a time reflecting on this question, appeared this text. Reflecting on where moment we find in them, what we wait, and what we are considered to be and not to have? Difficult word this To be! As to be in the world where each time more little people are being, and yes surviving. Coen brothers follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. To be according to Michaelis dictionary means: Being; Human being; Existence, life; Thing that has reality in the world of the directions. Figure, form; state, way to exist. sm pl the nature; everything how much it exists; the set of the creatures. To be real: the same that real being. To be of reason: the same that reason being.

To be supreme: the same that supreme Being. This being that experience the life existing, that it usufructs of its directions, is each scarcer time. What we see daily people are beating ' ' ponto' ' of the life, as in a company where the people they beat the point daily of the entrance and of exit of the work. This form to survive more goes leaving the people each time ' ' enlatadas' ' , ' ' engolindo' ' the form world not to see itself, not to be felt. Foods in the literal form eats each time more fast as in such a way metafrica, wants each time more, without the least to stop to ask themselves if need, or if really its will is that one. Or it will be that one more time the people are ' ' engolindo' ' that, that is, possessing that, without being what they really want to be. He will be that it is to have that toy, thinking about the children, or to have that clothes, or even though to have that car that goes to make the person if to feel happy? Since this is the word key, where if vende each time more the celebrities ' ' pills of felicidade' '.