The Good

Posted by Yusuf on June 28th, 2021 — Posted in News


He is sufficiently common, the people not to accept when he is said to them, that they are only the responsible ones for the good and bad things of its life. Not to know the contents restrained in the unconscious ones, takes the people if to feel divided, emptied, alone, for not to obtain to reach the fullness, that as much they desire. So that this happens, the human being becomes necessary to accept to coexist its incongruncias. Becoming less critical, accepting the differences and understanding the singularity of each one and respecting. The fullness alone occurs from the integration of the opposites, while these to live of dissociada form, having a connection do not enter the contents of the unconscious one with the conscientious one, the human being will not feel itself joins and will continue needing the other to brighten up its solitude and even though to fill the emptiness that loads I obtain. This lack of knowledge of its essence, is that it takes the human being to live in a perpetual existencial crisis, therefore each time less, it obtains to enter in tune with its true I. It prefers to live in the world of the superficiality, the appearance, the fancy that its conscientious one offers. While to opt to thus living, it will continue to suffer, if to lament and to adoecer, until the moment where if to open to know its unconscious one and to be able to establish a dialogue with it.. Juneteenth understood the implications.

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