Trekking In The French Alps

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The Aiguilles-Rouges massif is situated in the Haute Savoie French, a short distance from the borders with Switzerland and Italy. Have your feet the famous village of Chamonix, and from their slopes the views of the Mont Blanc massif are insurmountable. It is in Chamonix where mountaineering was born on August 8, 1786 when Jacques Balmat and Michel-Gabriel Paccard first crowned the summit of Mont Blanc. In addition, Chamonix was the birthplace of the first Winter Olympics back in 1924, an event that led to his leap into the international scene. The Rouges is a splendid massif of gneiss in the heart of the French Alps. No less than ten sharp peaks of over 2300 meters and sharp chalk, gives a good account of his name. The flora and fauna are abundant in this zone and three nature reserves are part of its territory, chamois, ibex, marmots, rhododendrons, orchids, daffodils, and impatiens are just some of the species that inhabit the massif. Walking on the Aiguilles-Rouges massif is synonymous with entertainment and surprises. For more information see David Zaslav.

One finds mountain huts to 2500 meters high, pristine alpine lakes, ancient glaciers that descend to the same valley of Chamonix, mountain passes at 2525 meters, and the pervasive view of Mont Blanc. The Red Hands have an almost perfect north-south orientation. His face This is perhaps the most visited, given its proximity to the town of Chamonix. From this side, views towards the Mont Blanc massif are without doubt the most spectacular to be found in the Alps. Before us are some of the most legendary peaks of mountaineering, and say that we could reach out and touch the glaciers coming down the slopes of Mont Blanc. Few people venture into the west side of the Rouges. There are no railways and any increase must sweat it. The reward is worth it, with intimate and cozy mountain huts, lunar landscapes and very green meadows, and the feeling of making a real adventure. Little more can you ask a four-day trek. The variety and contrast of landscapes, as field funny, charming shelters, abundant flora and fauna, along with minimally accessible to all hikers in the form, make the Tour of Rouges one of the most interesting and spectacular treks in the French Alps.

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