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Recreation New Proposals

Friday, January 5th, 2024

The leisure of the holiday is becoming more and more used to drive one or more sports and enjoy! The Italian Adriatic coast offers its tourists thousand possibilities. Here not only made the holidays especially sea, Sun and entertainment. The visitors, also the hinterland of the Romagna Adriatic coast kept many pleasant surprises. In recent years he attended to a boom of offers for these sports activities to directed contact with nature and in perfect Union between sport and tourism. Here the lovers of walks, the culture will find a true paradise for tourism, trekking and excursions.

Hills and mountains of Appennino von Romagna and Marche offer the visitor an ideal area for adventurous excursions or just relax amidst nature’s. Between the municipal areas of Pesaro, Gabicce Mare, very close to the the Adriatic coast in the most famous places, there is for example the Park San Bartolo, separates from the river Foglia and Tavollo. Stretched out on a Surface of 1,600 hectares, it is characterized by high shores of steep slope to overhang the sea. In the same sewing by the Park San Bartolo, others are many interesting natural areas. In the municipal area of Torriana, as the oasis of Montebello – where it is famous for the “ghost of Azzurrina” entirely visitable the castle – is that it accommodates also the Observatory of science Valmarecchia on 1,200 acres. Or, the River Park of Marano, in which it is easy to chase Martin Fischer as an example to see fish in the river. In the near Riccione, in the area of Gemmano, which is nature reserve of Onferno Orientata for the typical karst caves that they with can admire famous.

For fans of flora and botany it is absolutely to visit the Arboretum of Mondaino town namesake on the hills of Rimini, where an extensive forest on 9 hectares next counts 5,000 different typical plants of the Mediterranean vegetation. For the lovers of the mountain the Possibilities are countless.Two easy and suitable cycling routes to all are for example those with departure from Savignano and Sogliano on the Rubicone for exploring the hills of the concerned environments or the Pineta, sand and sea in the Interior of the Northern Adriatic. Discover the monuments and the nature of the Romagna Adriatic coast. Here, you can enjoy wonderful Active holiday!

How To Conduct A Picnic

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024

Picnic – a great opportunity to relax after a hard work week. Departure for the city, barbecues, warm and friendly company – what could be better! However, a picnic, like any other event, you can easily ruin the poor organization. Jeffrey L. Bewkes may not feel the same. To avoid this, first need to compile a list of things you'll take with you on vacation. Necessarily require utensils (preferably disposable), plaid (on the bare ground is not convenient to settle, and secure), mini-fridge, a corkscrew (which is it, exactly, and always forget) and garbage bags. Of food should be taken that everybody likes.

Bread, meat (if there are vegetarians – more vegetables), spices and seasonings. It is best to take products, which are stored for a long time. Marinate meat and make some sandwiches and you can have in nature, but better still do it at home. In terms of places for a picnic – it can be easily found. Each city has several parks, lakes and ponds, where you can get a barbecue.

There are a lot glades, some of which have been collected from the grill and benches. And last, the most important advice. At barbecues take as much alcohol as in any If not drink. Since no one has canceled the golden rule of "no matter how much he took, still have to run a second time," and in the woods, shops are not found. Do not let spoil your holiday. Meat also stock in store, so all were satisfied and ate to satiety. It would be nice to take a sports equipment: balls, hoops, and so on. Useful are on vacation and playing cards. By the way, I almost forgot the most important thing. When traveling to the nature of take a candle from mosquitoes and ointments as well as mosquitoes in the warm season, attacking relentlessly. Well, now you are a savvy knowledge of how to organize a trip to the kebabs. I hope they will help you make an unforgettable picnic.

European Province

Friday, October 20th, 2023

Canada – the second largest country in the world, and Quebec – the largest and most highly developed province in the country. Learn more at: rusty holzer. The official language here is French, or rather its peculiar dialect. The provincial capital is the same name – Quebec. Which, translated from French means "confluence", because it is in the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. The city is not very large, there are approximately 10% of the total provincial population. Quebec is divided into two parts – the lower and the upper city. Lower City is a rapidly-developing area, and the high contrast, saturated with ancient buildings of the 17th century stone houses and walls.

It is the oldest in Canada, the lift that connects the together the two parts of the city. Almost half the population lives in Montreal, the largest city in the province. In addition, Montreal and can be called a major cultural center of Canada. The city is rich with romantic European landscapes. The architecture combines the great Western European and North American concepts.

And this is no accident, because the population of Quebec is not only Canadian, and French roots. They even refer to themselves as "other nation "because it is not French, but not Canadians. One of the main attractions of Montreal can be called the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Montreal, copying the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. Downtown, its skyscrapers, like the American Manhattan. To understand how multinational city, enough to walk on the boulevard Saint-Laurent. This is sort of corridor between the "French" and "English" tradition. Numerous shops and restaurants are filled with national colors of France, Britain, Italy and Greece. The province of Quebec has its own festivals, which can be very interesting for travelers. The most important, of course, Jean-Baptiste Day, or Day of Quebec. It is celebrated June 24 dancing in the streets, parades and fireworks. In winter you can visit a traditional carnival, which lasts two weeks February. The symbol of the holiday is snowman who receives the keys to the city from the hands of the mayor. Winter Carnival Every year about one million tourists visited. Quebec has long been a most favorable place for immigration to Canada. It is its own program attract qualified personnel, which is certainly interesting for those who want to move to this country.

Five Stars Hotels

Wednesday, June 28th, 2023

What should be in a particular hotel, grace the facade of its stars? Let's start with the lowest, one star hotel. We hope that you'll notice – these hotels, known as tourists "Sarah", are located on the outskirts of the city do not have restaurants, bathrooms in the hotel room and more consistent comfort for our family hostel. But the funny thing, with what face-saving can be a tourist – after a certain time in the evening to sleep in a hotel you will not be! The hotel, bearing the two stars, guarantees toilet and shower in-room. There is also a TV, but for its inclusion is necessary to pay. It is not excluded that in the two star hotel you get breakfast.

In general, it is customary service "soviet" of the hotel. The largest number of hotels describe themselves as three star. They are located closer to the city center, equipped with appliances for air conditioning, bathroom, telephone, television, and inavernyaka in the bathroom you will find a clean towel, soap, and possibly even shampoo. All of the above in a four-star hotel rooms will be added in-room safe to store money and valuables, a minibar (for expanding horizons), refrigerator and connected to a long-distance telephone stations. Surely such a hotel will be composed of quite a decent secure parking lot, one or more swimming pools, fitness and training gyms. Can not be ruled tennis court.

The price for such pleasure rather big, but if you hit the four-star hotel – a sin not to take advantage of all services! They are included in total costs. It is doubtful that, living in a five-star hotel, you will find prichny to go out at least once a week. The fact that hotels with five stars are not only located close to the center cities, and even in himself, but usually represent a single complex, which includes laundry, shops, night clubs, post offices … In fact, the hotel can solve problems at any level! The rooms are present bathrobes, slippers and pajamas, as well as cosmetics.

Photo Safari Big Five In The Masai Mara, Kenya. Experience Africa!

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

Go photographer and author Uwe Skrzypczak with the famous wildlife on Safari. Learn wildlife photography in his photo workshop as a ‘learning by doing’ program in Kenya. Wildlife photography Safari – wild cats + big five photo workshops in the Maasai Mara, Kenya – Africa of experience pure. With the second highest density of feline Earth the Massai Mara all year round is the ideal area to photograph lions, leopards and cheetahs. Of course, you get lucky even rhinos before the Kameras.In of Maasai Mara also antelopes, buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, hyenas and other animals travelling with the famous wildlife photographer and writer Uwe Skrzypczak in heavy Toyota 4 x 4 landcruisers with maximum of four photographers in the passenger area of the vehicle. Every photographer has a separate page window and access to the open roof. In a question-answer forum Leslie Moonves was the first to reply.

For each with passengers receive the same assistance by Uwe Skrzypczak, seats/cars are exchanged daily turns. For professionals and prosumers is the use of a vehicle with Photographers only 2 extra charge. “” The wildlife photo workshop is a learning-by-doing “Program without boring lectures and dry runs”. You shoot together and Uwe Skrzypczak gives you help, tips and tricks for better photos even under difficult light and reception conditions, as well as useful information about animal behavior and instructions for editing your photos later. The photo safaris take place in March and may 2014. While the number of participants is limited and is only with a number of 6 persons (max.

12) carried out and has the character of a workshop. During the period, the weather in the Masai Mara is ideal and it is a quieter time in the not so many tourist vehicles on the road are relaxed to perform just the animal observations. The daily routines of these safaris are determined exclusively by the wild animal behavior and interesting events. Go back depending on the weather conditions, lighting, or also the distance to the Wildlife at noon at the camp or take lunch boxes for full day tours with them. After dinner the pictures made on the day on your own laptop will be discussed and Uwe Skrzypczak are you important tips. More information, description, prices, booking and contact: Uwe Skrzypczak – Serengeti wildlife works as a wildlife photographer + author specialized in the Serengeti Mara ecosystem and is member of the IEPA international environment Photographers Association in Japan. He understands his work as conservationists to document the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem with its photo graphical capabilities, its observations and studies. In many of his paintings can be seen as a spectator, the special closeness and intensity that he has developed during his many years in East Africa to the wild animals in East Africa. He is the author of numerous books and articles about wildlife and nature photography. He wants to contribute to the conservation of our natural heritage and the last remaining natural areas of the Earth with his photos and texts. Daniela Samson – demipress

Amusement Park

Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

Planning a vacation? Want to make it memorable? Then you're on your way! In this article we will discuss how to turn a vacation into a bright holiday filled with joy and happiness to your loved ones. We will talk about the places where dreams come true of children and adults enjoyed as children. It's about amusement parks. Today, virtually every country where the tourism industry, has its own amusement parks. For more specific information, check out Leslie Moonves. We will stop its sights on Southeast Asia, ince this is the direction from year to year is becoming more popular among Russian tourists. Below we offer you familiarize yourself with some amusement parks such countries as Thailand, China, Malaysia, Singapore and For most tourists Gonkong.Tailand Thailand – it's ancient temples and enchanting scenery. But for those who want to diversify a beach holiday and sightseeing other entertainment, there is a large number of world-class theme parks that offer all types of entertaining and fun-filled holiday for the whole-semi.Park Phuket Fantasy (Phuket Fantasea) On the coast, Kamala (Kamala Beach), that in the western part of Phuket Island, is located famous theme park called Fantasy, Phuket. Phuket Fantasy, the world's first amusement park in which the culture and traditions in Thailand are the main themes.

Everything in the park whether it be a colorful show Restaurants, shopping streets and many other attractions are impregnated with Thai mythology, legends and folklore. The park is more than 56 hectares, so everyone will find something here for something interesting. Except all sorts of rides, the park will offer you a ride on elephants, to be photographed with the tigers, feed giant catfish.